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A Definitive Guide to the Perfect Fall Night in Your Flats Apartment


Current global health issues may not quickly be changing, but the season is! Here is a list of 10
things you can do to have a cozy autumn night in your apartment. Grab a blanket and your
pumpkin drink of choice and read below for a great time!

1. Bake a Pie
While often overlooked by those who are not culinarily-inclined, baking a pie is a relatively
simple process sure to get those fall feelings flowing. Many types of produce perfect for pie
baking are now in season, such as apples, pumpkins, pears, and plums—all of which are
available at your local grocery store—as well as premade pie crusts. You can even make your
own with a few household ingredients! Put on your favorite fall playlist and let the oven’s
warmth and fruits’ smells take the place of your apple pie candle!

2. Cozy up with a good Book or Film
Lounging in your comfiest blanket and slippers while reading a book or watching a movie is a
surefire way to channel the autumn spirit! With all the streaming options available for movies
and accessibility to audio books, E-books, and Amazon Prime books, finding a new piece of art
to love is easier than ever. Can’t decide what to read or watch? Check out what books are
popular on and see what movies people are raving about on

3. Visit your local Avalon Park Fall events
Living in Avalon Park means there is much to look forward to in the fall season—especially the
events! Visit the annual Oktoberfest celebration, complete with a beer garden and community
festival (October 9th and 10th); shop local arts vendors displaying their holiday decorations,
candles, and more at the Fall Craft Fair (November 14th); and get dressed in costume for the
Spooktacular event (October 24th)! Also, remember to grab a bite at a Food Truck Festival (3rd
Sunday of each month) or watch a Movie Under the Stars in the park with your friends and
family (4th Friday of each month)! Don’t forget to wear your mask!

4. Throw yourself a Decorating Party
Does your heart feel like fall? Well, your apartment should too! Pick up some decorations at the
store or from a local vendor at the Fall Craft Fair and get to work. Listen to your go-to fall music
album and have fun with string lights, colorful leaves, and orange and brown decor. Don’t stop
until your place looks like the Pinterest photo of your dreams!

5. Have a Board Game Night
Gather up a small handful of friends and family and have yourselves a night of games! Try
blackjack, classic board games like monopoly, or a new card game like Cards Against Humanity.
Sit around, talk, and let the friendly competition begin—the loser makes hot chocolate for

6. Go on a Picnic
With the season changing, the weather changes too—what is more perfect than enjoying it with a
picnic? Gather your favorite snacks, make a meal, or find photo inspiration of that charcuterie
board you’ve been dying to make, head over to the park, set out a blanket, and enjoy how the
crisp, cool air compliments your delicious creations!

7. DIY Wine and Paint Night
For a less costly, more socially-distant alternative to the Wine and Paint Parties we love going to,
try doing the same thing at home! All you need are cheap paints and canvases, your drink of
choice, and a painting tutorial or an episode of Bob Ross for a fun night releasing your creativity.

8. Visit a Virtual Museum
Staying home has never been better than in the age of technology—use it to take a virtual
museum tour! Famous museums such as London’s British Gallery, Paris’ Musée d’Orsay,
Seoul’s National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, and many more are available
online through a quick search. The Google Arts and Culture online website and mobile app also
offers high-definition pictures of artworks, virtual museum tours, and augmented reality
museums and artworks.

9. Play Dress Up
One of the most fulfilling things to do is dress up for a night out. However, given the current
circumstances, there are no longer many reasons to do so. Put your self-love and care into
practice by dressing up—full attire, hair, and makeup—and enjoy feeling wonderful while
looking your best. Another option is to get fully made-up in your Halloween costume. Take
pictures to commemorate the outfit and, if you’re comfortable, share them on social media!

10. Invoke your Inner Child
Few things are more relaxing and comforting than indulging in something you loved as a kid, so
take some time to make yourself feel that way again! Use your chairs, blankets, and cushions to
make a fort in your living room, make yourself monarch, and even create a secret password that
others have to guess to be allowed in. Allow yourself to feel silly and excited about the leaves
falling—just like you did as a child!

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