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Give Your Outside Space a Fresh New Look


Looking for a new at-home hobby?

Lucky for you, The Flats at Avalon Park knows the perfect one. Container gardening is superior for Florida residents given the abundance of sunshine and rain we receive in every given day during these summer months. Since we are home more anyways, this is a great opportunity to improve our air quality, diet and overall happiness with new plants and fresh food! Not only does container gardening reap many benefits, it is also a simple process that will leave you feeling accomplished and healthy.

One of the best aspects about container gardening is it takes up very little space, so even with a balcony or a patio it is attainable. Once the planting process has begun, make sure to take good care of your sprouts. After a little time, you will start receiving your very own, fresh, homegrown, no pesticide covered fruits, vegetables, herbs and even flowers! What is even better about container gardens is they are kept close to your kitchen just waiting to be added to all your fresh recipes.

Not only are these plants good for eating, they also make a house feel like a home. Plants have a solace ambience about them which is beneficial for everyone especially during these trying times. While you are out planting your fruits and vegetables, why not add some flowers to your new garden too. Flowers add color, variety and a fresh scent to gardens. (Pro tip: When choosing flowers – make sure to plant annuals to keep your containers looking full and beautiful all summer.)

Since container gardens are easily relocated, they are very versatile when it comes to where to place them. They can sit on the ground or on a shelf, be mounted on the wall or even hang from the ceiling! This is a perfect opportunity to get creative with decorating your balcony or outside space.

The balconies at our premier apartments here at The Flats are the ideal location to start building a container garden. We are looking forward to seeing our residents and future residents’ new plants soak up the Florida sun and watch these balconies come to life! Make sure to give your new plants plenty of love, sunshine and water.

Tag us @TheFlatsAvalonPark in your patio plant pictures. We cannot wait to see what our residents and community grow!

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